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[EVENT] - TOP Streamer L2Ant


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Dear players and streamers, let's create unique content together on our server! We, the L2Ant team, invite you to join our project and give you the opportunity to develop your stream on our game server.

What we offer streamers:

  • Bonuses for streamers
  • Reward of 1 Stream Coin   for every hour of broadcast .  
  • There is a separate NPC in the game in the Town of Schuttgart (Stream Shop), where you can exchange  Stream Coin  for valuable items.

We invite streamers ready to broadcast:

  • Development of your character
  • Participation in public events (RB, Epics, Sieges and any other interesting content)

Preference is given to evening streams.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The administration is ready to reward you with 1 Stream Coin   for every hour of stream, subject to all conditions.  
  2. You can receive no more than 24  Stream Coins per day 
  3. To participate, leave a request indicating:
    • Link to your channel
    • Schedule your regular streams
    • Character nickname for issuing rewards
  4. The stream title should include "L2Ant.com - top x100 Interlude"
  5. Record throughout the entire stream.
  6. After the stream, notify the administration and send a link to the recording.
  7. The most popular streams with high online presence, subscriptions and views will receive additional rewards.

The reward is credited to your character within 24 hours after verification by the administrator.

Join us, create exciting content, and let's grow our gaming community together!

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