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February 10 Grand Open Victoria x300
Time: 18:00 UTC+2
MSK : 19:00

Allready Opened x300!

Game server rules L2ANT!


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Game server rules Lineage2 Interlude L2ANT.COM

Dear players, if you received a ban on HWID, then you committed illegal actions in the game.

Players who violate part of the rules are subject to a ban:

Paragraph — Exchange, sale, RMT!
1. Selling and buying for real money.

1.1. Exchange from one server to another.
1.2. Exchange items from the server for items in Dota 2 (Any other games).

Paragraph — Server operation, software use
2. Causing harm to the server.
2.1. Using software programs: l2phx, l2tower, l2wallker, Adrenaline and more.
2.2. HWID substitution through different programs. (If you are a friend who decides to change HWID, then all your accounts and characters will be banned forever).

Paragraph — Insult, chat use, game chat!
3. Insult in the game.
3.1. Advertising of third-party game servers.
3.2. Ask the administration to give you pm, we do not provide technical support in the game, and do not answer your questions, all support is exclusively through the forum. Chat ban warning from 120 minutes, then HWID ban.
3.3. Insulting the Administration - Game Master.

3.4. Obscene expression towards the server in the game chat. 
3.5. Request to the administration to fix something in the game chat. (if you want to report a bug - it should be done on the forum).
3.6. Gaining access to the game account for the purpose of profit (Brute - password guessing).
3.7. It is forbidden to yell such phrases in the chat: "I will give out gear, casino roulette, wipe soon, annoying messages about how you leave the server, etc."
3.8 If a player gets an account/hardware ban, all the things that were on it remain there. It will be impossible to return them, think carefully before giving anything to someone.

If you received a ban, you have violated some of the rules given to you.
When buying things for real money, both players get banned.

> Notice violations report in the support section on the forum <

It will not be possible to deceive the Administration, all your actions are logged.

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