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[FAQ] — Recommendations for the security of the gaming account.


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Administration L2ANT.COM asks all users to take this information as seriously as possible.
Rules required to be observed when registering a gaming account:

  • The username/password combination must be UNIQUE. In addition, you should not use it to register on forums, websites, and other resources after creating an account.
  • Set complex passwords so that attackers cannot "guess" your combination.
  • The name of the game account must be different from the name of the account on the forum,
  • The name of the game account must be different from the game nickname.
  • On our servers, there is a binding by HWID/IP, you can find it in .MENU / .LOCK

Why is this necessary?
Suppose you used such a combination on another server, the database of logins / passwords of which was merged into open access. From now on, THOUSANDS of strangers know your username and password.
You were invited to the clan and asked to register on the forum, you use the same login/password combination as in the game… From now on, anyone who can view the account of this forum/site has your data.
Never give your account to friends, colleagues, acquaintances, assistants, etc., keep it safe as well as the password.
We strongly recommend that you keep your email as secret as your Login/Password (do not specify it on the forum, in contact, etc.). The username / password combination of the mail must also be unique.

Why is this necessary?
Many mail services are hacked. If your email address specified during account registration is hacked, they will be able to find out your registration data.
Never install bots/radars and other third-party programs or additional patches - use only updates and software additions from the Project Administration. Check your computer regularly with antivirus programs.
Why can't you use third-party software?
Attackers sew sniffers into such patches/programs. You install a patch that may help you in the game, but the attackers already have personal information - logins / passwords!
Never under any pretext, do not enter your personal data (account / password) on various sites!

Why is this necessary?
Very often, attackers may try to "take" you to a site that looks identical to ours, but with a different address where you will be asked to enter your username and password, which will now become the prey of a hacker.
Do not trust your login / password to friends, acquaintances, soklans, party members.
As sad as it sounds, 70% of Account hijacking cases occur for this reason. You give an Account to your best friend, he can give his own... Or just a friend turned out not to be so good.

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